Michael Hemming Scape artist

My approach to studio painting is primarily born from an amalgamation of two things – imagination and memory. I can’t say which is the more dominant contributor as they both play their roles differently from painting to painting. Sometimes I will start a painting on the basis of a memory, other times on
imagination. Somewhere in the painting the two will merge in varying proportions.

When I work directly from my source material, usually outside, I am influenced more with light and my immediate observations. This is abstracted to a lesser or greater degree to achieve the desired expressive result.

My main inspiration comes from the rugged landscape of the South coast from Dorset to Cornwall which offers dramatic seas and skies in abundance. Sometimes I like to use abstract figures which add a human element to my work.
I’m a great believer in finding new methods and techniques through exploration and experimentation. It creates excitement to me as an artist and I hope to you as the viewer.


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